Gun sale Alexandre Landre Nancy

vendredi 23 février 2024 14:00
Nancy , 43, boulevard Albert Ier 54000 Nancy
Sale information

Possibility of including your lots in this sale, please contact us on or by e-mail at:


Exhibition of lots by appointment:

At our gunsmith's by appointment 03 83 73 39 08. 10 Rue du Pré Contal, 54300 Lunéville.

Exhibition of category D lots under study:

From February 19 at 43 Boulevard Albert 1er, 54000 Nancy.


Venue: 43 Boulevard Albert 1er 54000 NANCY


Mail :



Tél :

- 09 83 43 24 78

. Category "B" SALE BY DESIGNATION weapons are issued subject to presentation of a firearms possession permit.

Category "C" weapons for SALE BY DESIGNATION are subject to declaration. In order to collect their lots, bidders must provide either :

-A valid license from the French shooting federation.

-Valid hunting license and validation.

-French Ball-Trap Federation license.

Your SIA number (we need a copy of your CNI, your current address, telephone number and e-mail address).

Category "D" firearms are on sale subject to majority conditions.

For professional buyers, we require a valid copy of the authorization to trade in "B" or "C" category weapons, depending on the classification of the lots and their S.I.A. number.

A check of the FINADIA national file will be carried out, and if the bidder is registered in this file, the sale will be cancelled without any possibility of complaint.

Category B and C weapons will be available within 15 days at 10 rue du Pré Contal, 54300 Lunéville, to enable our gunsmith to record the SIA information.

If you are the successful bidder, you will be invoiced for the amount of the auction(s), including legal fees (25% incl. VAT) and €48 incl. VAT for SIA registration fees.

Sales conditions