Sale of the Michel JAMAR collection to benefit the Stanislas Library in Nancy

jeudi 22 février 2024 14:00
Nancy , 43, boulevard Albert Ier 54000 Nancy
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Sale Thursday February 22nd from 2pm.

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Address: 43 Boulevard Albert 1er 54000 NANCY



Tel : 09 83 43 24 78

A talented artist, Lorraine engraver Michel Jamar (1911-1997) is the author of numerous illustrations, engravings, paintings and bookplates. Trained at Nancy's Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Victor Prouvé, he combined the talents of painter, sculptor, ceramist, decorator and burinist, but it was above all as a wood engraver that he produced his most original works. Awarded the Grand Prix de la Gravure sur Bois by the Académie des Beaux Arts de France in 1981, his work is one of Lorraine's great engravers.

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